[PREMIERE] Mysterious New Producer Knodis Releases Debut Original “Broken Circuit” [Free Download]


Rezz has been on fire and lately with the rollout of her debut album and just last week there was a very interesting collaboration "Premonition" that was released. It featured a producer / artist named Knodis who had under 100 followers on socials. We loved the track and were immediately intrigued on what who Knodis was if he had a collab on the Rezz album. He actually had a new song which turns out to be his debut original song that we were able to work out a premiere today.

The song is called "Broken Circuit" which is quite a bit harder than his Rezz collab. This song does not hold back quickly moving to some relentless drops after the cinematic intro and buildup. It's a got elements of techno, electro and more in this energetic banger which he's graciously given out as a free download.

Tried inquiring on more info around Knodis and all he did was provide this quote:

"hi! broken circuit is my first solo original release, and instead of blasting out some typical promo with press shots and a bio trying to big myself up, i really want to let the music speak for itself. there’s a magic i felt when i first started listening to electronic music that i want to tap into, and i want the listeners to feel that magic too. above all, i want to tell a story and bring people on a journey with my music. if i can make people feel something with these sounds i made on my computer i think that’s pretty dope Listen" – Knodis

Nice story. We are waiting on what's next. Listen below and enjoy!

Knodis – Broken Circuit