Mysterious REZZ Collaborator Knodis Shares Glitchy, Melodic New Original ”Voyager”


We don’t know much about mysterious rising artist knodis besides that we love his heavy, sci-fi take on electronic music. He appeared out of nowhere last summer with the sinister collab “Premonition” off of REZZ’s debut album Mass Manipulation and has since captivated our attention with the release of his dark debut single “Broken Circuit” we had the pleasure of premiering and the uniquely intense track “The Machine Is Feeling”. Both tracks featured sustained, heavily distorted chords and experimental song structures that drew comparisons to REZZ and k?d while building knodis’s unique brand.

Voyager” is the third single from knodis and takes his sound down a maximalist, high-impact path he explored in the second half of “The Machine Is Feeling”. High-pitched melodies appear and break off instantly while steady bass kicks establish a steady foundation for the action-packed soundscape. Fans of k?d’s shimmering synth style will love this side of knodis. We asked knodis himself for his thoughts on the track, check them out below:

“voyager is a really special song to me and is the first one that shows the more melodic side of my music. i love the idea of combining the power and rawness of EDM sound design with the storytelling of vocal songwriting. at the end of the day, i want to end up with something that makes people feel something.” – Knodis

We definitely loved the way “Voyager” made us feel. Listen below and enjoy!

Knodis – Voyager