Koresma Dives “Offshores” On Ambient New Electronic Single


Inspired by the beauty of nature and its wonders, chill electronic producer, Koresma, channels the creative energy he finds outdoors into his music. His latest tune, “Offshores,” showcases his ability to captivate and entrance listeners with his effortless production style and free-form flow.

A beautiful guitar riff sets the tone for the track as a dynamic four-on-the-floor beat enters the mix of “Offshores.” Ambient vocal samples and marimba percussion fill the spaces in between as the track grows and expands upon itself through each new element added. Koresma’s production choices on this track prove flawless, as he incorporates warm analog synth leads and saxophone riffs to compliment the track’s bright, house groove.

Here’s what Koresma had to say about his inspiration behind “Offshores”:

This song was inspired by sailing and the feeling of being carried by the wind over water. Sailing has always been in my life thanks to my father who learned from my grandfather, an accomplished sailor. I’ve had a few opportunities to experience being on the water sailing and have always wanted to translate this feeling into sound.

You can stream “Offshores” at the link below. Enjoy!

Koresma – Offshores