Kota The Friend Continues His Growth And Evolution On New Album ‘MEMO’

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One of the best parts about music journalism is watching an artist’s journey, or in many cases hearing an artist’s journey. Kota The Friend quickly became one of our favorite MCs here at TSIS when we first heard his sophomore album, EVERTYTHING, showcase his introspective songwriting and easy-flowing production. Since then, we’ve had front-row seats to the continued evolution of one of new-gen hip-hop’s freshest voices. Today we find that voice in its best form yet on Kota’s new album, MEMO.

Each new iteration of our Brooklyn-based friend seems to peel back a layer of vulnerability and grant listeners a deeper glance into his life than previously shared. Kota has continued his growth and fostered his awakening to form a project that messages self-love. Experiences with familial and romantic relationships and their role in the creation of self are dissected through feather-light yet clean-cut rhythms, all of this culminating in a catharsis of hard-fought arrival.

Kota shares this sentiment saying:

“Memo is an album about emotional growth. It’s like the end of a long journey. You can finally rest; appreciate how far you’ve come and build a house that you can call home. It’s about acquiring an inner peace that the world can’t take away from you no matter how hard it tries.”

Stream Kota The Friend’s newest album, MEMO, below. Enjoy!

Kota The Friend – MEMO