Kowloon Serves Up Charming New Indie Single “Hollywood is Under Water”


Earlier this year we wrote about exciting new indie find Kowloon, and to our delight, the artist is back with a fresh single. He dropped “Hollywood is Under Water” on Friday, and it’s a funky new-wave tune that puts his refreshing and unique talent on full display.

The song takes a light-hearted look at a civilization in crisis. Kowloon sings about the hypothetical of Hollywood crumbling and how society would survive after the fall of a fame-obsessed world. He adds a groovy melody to the apocalyptic message, creating a funky juxtaposition and making it feel like a sort of joyful daydream. It is a synth-laden and riff-filled adventure that just begs to be played on repeat.

Take a listen to “Hollywood is Under Water” below, and be sure to keep your ears open for more musical magic from Kowloon soon. Enjoy!

Kowloon – Hollywood is Under Water