Krewella Drop Exciting 7-Track EP ‘New World Pt. 1’


After years of silence, Chicago-born sister duo Krewella broke back into the scene about a year ago with the release of “Beggars,” a trap-influenced tune feat. Diskord. Since then the two have explored the range of their sound, dropping a popular future bass original “Team” and, most recently, a moving new single “Be There” with an accompanying music video. Despite a lot of ups and downs throughout their career, Krewella has shown they’ll always be able to overcome any difficulty that comes their way. Yesterday the two proved that once again with the drop of their newest EP New World Pt. 1, a collection of tracks that explores their roots and a new range of sound for Krewella.  

New World Pt. 1 has a wide range of influences, from hip-hop to pop to Bollywood. “Be There” and “Team” both appear on the list of seven tracks, already impressive future bass originals that stood out to begin with. The EP explores more laid-back production on most of the other songs, an interesting but welcome departure for the duo. Most consistent throughout is both Jasmine and Jahan’s compelling vocals, which shine most notably on “Love Outta Me” and “Parachute.” Altogether, New World Pt. 1 is an entirely new direction for Krewella hinted at by some of their more recent singles. If it’s any sign of what’s to come, the duo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Check out the EP below and enjoy!

Krewella – New World Pt. 1