KRISCHVN Drops Some Gnarly Bass On New Track “Ketamine” With NXSTY


Yes, you read that song title right. While festivals might be on hold for the moment, KRISCHVN is doling out a sonic dose of special-K for all the headbangers out there. The 22-year-old German bass producer has been catching a lot of attention with his intense and wonky style of bass. His latest track “Ketamine” is a collaboration another up-and-comer, NXSTY, and this one might be one of the artist’s most impressive releases to date.

The song begins with some eerie, tribal sounding flute, then quickly builds up with snare hits and then drops into a frenzy of booming bass and screeching tones. The track quickly morphs, introducing some dynamic sound design that will truly blow your mind and bring you to a festival state of mind. Hopefully we’ll get to hear it on some booming speakers soon and feel the intensity of this song live.

“Ketamine” is one of the tracks from KRISCHVN’s forthcoming EP, entitled ‘TRANQUILIZER,’ which he promises will have more cheeky song titles. This one is out now from WAKAAN, check it out in the stream below. Enjoy!