Kumarion Unleashes Two Eastern-Influenced Freefrom Bass Tracks “Resonate/Shaman”

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American drum n bass pioneer, Kumarion, has become one of our favorite bass producers as of late. His penchant for drum n bass doesn’t pigeonhole him to just one genre as he’s just as comfortable exploring sonic realms of freeform bass, dubstep, and more. We’ve been blasting his monstrous collab with REAPER that came out just a few months back and he’s already back with some more fuel to the fire. This weekend, he teamed up with WAKAAN for the release of his trailblazing double-single “Resonate/Shaman.”

Leaning into deeper basslines, experimental beats, and an apparent Eastern cultural influence featuring organic tones and instruments, Kumarion proudly exhibits his natural talent of freely navigating between genres in two contrasting yet cohesive records. “Resonate” wastes no time exploring some harmonic dissonance amid a fierce bed of bass and a tempo-switching drum beat. “Shaman” explores a slightly darker palette while still using familiar bass distortions to create an eerie freeform addition to the catalog.

Stream both tracks below and enjoy!

Kumarion – Resonate/Shaman