Kyle Watson Links Up With Stace Cadet For Wild Bass House Single “Safe” + Interview

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One of South Africa’s biggest music exports, and one of our favorite rising house producers, Kyle Watson, has just come through with a brilliant new single, “Safe,” with Stace Cadet on vocals. 

“Safe” features some of the best of Kyle Watson’s signature, deep, wub-y sound. The bass lines that this dude is able to come up are just mind-blowing sometimes. There’s simply nobody out there right now that can replicate his style. 

After catching his high energy set over at HARD Summer last weekend, we got the opportunity to ask him some questions about the South African music scene, his influences, and what’s next. Check out the interview and the new single below. Enjoy!

Kyle Watson & Stace Cadet – Safe

We’d love to know more about the music and house scene in general in South Africa. Did you go to a lot of shows growing up? Or were you mainly stuck in the studio?

I spent a lot of time in front of my computer way back just writing music for fun, and only really started going out to clubs around 2009 that were playing the music that I fell in love with. Truthfully I went out a lot more for the music when I was younger, nowadays I spend more time in studio writing than I do just going out clubbing for the fun of it.

Who were some of your favorite artists to see in South Africa?

Honestly, my favourites were the residents at my home club Truth in Johannesburg. They were the guys playing the music I’d never heard before, and that was the music I fell in love with.

How did they impact you as an artist yourself?

Their influence was super important, coupled up with the stuff I was finding online it all just came together to help mould my sound in the early days.

Are there are any current producers in that scene that you’re a fan of right now?

Plenty! The Sponges are smashing it, Westend is doing some great stuff too. We see so many cool artists on our Box of Cats label that there are too many to mention!

How does the South African scene compare to the scene in the U.S. or other countries you’ve played in?

The SA bass/tech house scene is tricky because it’s obviously a lot smaller then most other markets I tour in. And because our exchange rate is really bad, it’s expensive for promoters to consistently bring out top tier international acts which in turn makes it tough to advance the scene. But the afro house scene has absolutely blown up thanks to artists like Black Coffee, Da Capo, etc

Your sound is super unique on its own. Do you ever feel like starting a record label so you could curate that sound?

Well I actually co-run a record label called Box Of Cats with Wongo, Marc Spence, Jak Z, Jeff Doubleu & Tom EQ. We started the label to put out club music that’s a little quirky but that still works really well, and it’s been going strong for a few years now!

What project(s) are you working on right now that you’re excited about?

Aside from [“Safe”], I’ve got some club records that’ll be dropping, some on labels I’ve released on before and some on new labels for me, so it’ll be cool to get these all out over the next few months.