L00Z & Gibs Emerge With A Velvety R&B Vibe, “Red Dress”


If writing for an online music platform has taught me anything, it’s that great music can come from any corner of the globe. Our newest addition to the site is a smokey R&B collab titled, “Red Dress,” coming all the way from Chinese/Canadian and Indonesian up and comers, L00Z and Gibs.

While their careers may be young, their sound is pleasantly mature. Gibs lays out a wistful beat of dancing chimes atop a kinetic backbeat, giving L00Z the sonic playground to do what she does best—weave an enticing vocal melody that even the most strong willed cannot deny. If you don’t lose yourself in this tune even a little bit, my friend you need go get your ears checked.

It’s always a fun little joy to come across underground artists with an awesome sound. It’s one of the things that makes this scene so inspiring and so addictive. Stream L00Z and Gibs’ silky new collab, “Red Dress,” below. Enjoy!

L00Z, Gibs – Red Dress