PREMIERE | Newcomer Producer Laarsen Blends Various Influences On Chill New Instrumental Single “Peace Of Mind”

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Today we have the pleasure of introducing a new artist Laarsen to the site with the premiere of his new song "Peace Of Mind." The newcomer just recently shared his debut single and follows suit with an impressive new song blending many influences and we're loving it. He's decided to remain anonymous, but his background as a drummer and education in music is apparent on this impressive new single that pairs wordly string samples with crisp percussion in the best way possible. Enjoy!

"Peace of Mind represents harmony and is inspired by an optimistic outlook of the future. As I wrote it, I was inspired by current technological advancements that are optimizing efficiency and productivity, yet strive to reduce stress on our surrounding environment and nature. I remember I was in a completely clear, hopeful and positive head space when I started composing the beat. Nothing negative occupied my mind, no deadlines, no worries, nothing I had to do. 'Peace of Mind' really draws on this inspiration and reflects my positive energy about being human and our future." – Laarsen 

Laarsen – Peace Of Mind