Lady Gaga – Died The Way (Skrillex Remix) : Unfinished Insane Epic Remix


Skrillex is a beast, he can take any song and make it high energy catchy bass filled banger. He's taken Hey Sexy Lady, Cinema, and In For The Kill for example and turned them into anthem remixes that all electronic music fans can enjoy. Well apparently he got his laptop and harddrives stolen last month, and a few tracks have been seeing the light of day. Skrillex posted this unfinished track that apparently someone has stolen and uploaded. I wouldn't typically upload an unfinished track, but since the orignal and backup versions of the track have been taken  away from Skrillex and he might potentially never finish the track, and after he posted it I figured everyone should hear the unfinished remix that might have been one of the most epic remixes he's ever made. Keep in mind this is unfinished, it's still a sick listen, and let's hope Skrillex will either get his hands on these stolen harddrives or will decide to just make a completely new version!

Died This Way (Skrillex Remix) – Lady Gaga UNFINISHED

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