Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix) : EPIC NEW ELECTRO REMIX BANGER


Lady Gaga, an artist always seems to pop up on TSIS through filthy remixes. Well today I've got definitely the most epic Lady Gaga remix out, it's done by up and comer, now 19, Porter Robinson. He's the beast who brought you Say My Name, Less Go!, the Seek Bromance and We Speak No Americano remixes among others. This track builds up for a long time, then at 2:30 it drops SOOOO HEAVY. This track shows that Porter doesn't stick to one sound and can go anywhere. With his buildups and filthy sound, he's really raising the level on how epic a drop can get.  Turn up the bass, let the party rage with this, enjoy! 

 Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix)