Lane 8 Unleashes Unreleased Music In His First Ever BBC Essential Mix: House


Our guy Lane 8 has been crushing 2018. Since setting the tone from the jump with his absolutely amazing Little By Little, he has not slowed down. He has been touring his album since late January, and will continue to throughout May. I was fortunate enough to catch his show in Chicago in February and it was quite the experience. Upon entering the venue, security puts red tape over everyone’s phone camera and hands out a small card with that says “Leave Your Phone. Experience The Moment. This Never Happened”. Super cool stuff. I’ve kept the card handy in my wallet for the past two months, check it out below.

Some of our favorite content from Lane 8 are his mixes. The mostly chill, deep house music he produces and plays is so conducive to being mixed, you can listen for hours at a time without losing interest. In the past we’ve covered his seasonal Mixtape series, including Winter 2016 and Spring 2018. However, this past weekend Lane 8 made his debut in coveted BBC 1 Essential Mix slot.

The two-hour mix exhibits Lane 8’s seemingly endless repertoire of melodic and laidback house music. Cuts, remixes and mashups from “Little By Little” are played throughout, alongside numerous unreleased Lane 8 songs. Which is awesome.

Lane 8’s debut essential mix is everything we’d hope for, providing a transcendental journey that you can easily lose yourself in… Enjoy!

Lane 8 – BBC Essential Mix

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