Lane 8 Returns With Impressive Two Song Collab EP


It is common for artists to stay quiet shortly after dropping a full-length album, taking time decompress, re-energize and eventually get back in the studio. Or, you can be like Lane 8 and do the exact opposite. Since the release of his sophomore album “Little By Little” in January, the dude hasn’t stopped delivering. This includes a 3-hour ‘Spring Mixtape 2018’ mix, his debut BBC Essential Mix and a collaborative single “Let Me” which is featured on his record label’s ‘Root To Branch Vol. 2’ compilation. Now today, Lane 8 has returned with an untitled collab EP. The offering contains two songs; “Bluebird” made in collaboration with Anderholm and “Duchess” made in collaboration with Khåen.

In typical Lane 8 fashion, both cuts are elaborate house tracks that progress with emotional chords and dramatic synths. Both Anderholm and Khåen were featured on ‘Root to Branch, Vol. 1’ compilation as both of their sounds fit within the This Never Happened brand perfectly. Enjoy!

Lane 8 – Bluebird / Duchess