Lane 8 Drops Chill House Single “Coming Back To You” Ahead Of Forthcoming Album


Lane 8 strikes again with another awe-inspiring single “Coming Back To You” featuring vocalist J.F. July. The single is to be included on his fourthcoming album Little By Little, alongside previously released singles “Atlas” and “No Captain”. Lane 8 has built a reputation around a progressive sound with relaxed house roots, a vibe he certainty captured in his latest “Coming Back To You.”

The track starts with whimsical synths, a subtle guitar pluck and a cut of the vocal melody. Before you know it, you’re in the middle of a notorious Lane 8 song progression as the track begins to gain energy with a powerful bassline which gets complimented by a 4×4 drum pattern. As the song moves along, J.F. July’s dreamy vocal performance becomes more dominant, pairing with production seamlessly. Lane 8’s album Little By Little is set to drop soon… but until then, this latest should hold you over. Enjoy!

Lane 8 – Coming Back to You