Lane 8 Shares Next Installment Of His Seasonal Mix Series “Fall 2018 Mixtape” : Chill House


In the grand scheme of things, it really hasn’t been that long since Lane 8 dropped his unprecedented five hour Summer 2018 Mixtape. In fact, it hasn’t even been three months, but that won’t stop Lane 8 from feeding us a whole new course of fresh tunes, this time over the span of two and a half hours.

These extended sets/mixes are Lane 8 in his element. It’s his job to not just expose you to deep, wonderful, emotion provoking music, but to take you on a journey. It’s what he’s done throughout his entire career, and it’s what he does here on his brand new Fall 2018 Mixtape. This particular mix, overall, has a bit more of a melancholy tone to it (which Lane 8 always nails), which makes sense considering the bright days of summer are coming to a close.

After listening to this mixtape, you may feel inclined to go find a venue to see Lane 8 play live. He recently announced the second phase of his Little By Little album tour. Check out the dates below as well as the new Fall 2018 Mixtape. Enjoy!

Lane 8 – Fall 2018 Mixtape