Lane 8 Drops Surprise 3-Hour ‘Groundhog Day’ Mixtape

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Lane 8 is a machine when it comes to mixes. Not only is he consistently dropping his celebrated seasonal mixtapes, but he’s just a delivered a surprise Groundhog Day mixtape. Just like the rest, this one clocks in at nearly three hours.

This one features a ton of music from Lane 8’s own label, This Never Happened, a hotbed for budding melodic house/techno talent. We have a good guess that the title of this mix is a reference to the famous Bill Murray flick, where he’s waking up living the same day over and over again. Seems kinda like the life some of us are faced with currently…

Check out the full stream of the mixtape below. Enjoy!

Lane 8 was the most recent feature of our new artist-curated playlist series, The Remedy.

Lane 8 – Groundhog Day, a mixtape