Lane 8 Delivers Powerful, Mood Lifting ‘Spring 2020 Mixtape’

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The seasons are beginning to change again, which means it’s time for another mixtape from Lane 8. The melodic and deep house maestro just dropped off his Spring 2020 Mixtape, and it’s exactly the mood lift we needed.

We love how the sound of Lane 8’s mixes coincide with changing of the weather. While his winter and fall mixes illustrate a somber, melancholy sound; his spring and summer mixes are here to brighten your day. This one, as per usual, clocks in at just about three hours. That’s plenty of time to immerse yourself into this musical journey curated by Lane 8.

Listen to Lane 8’s new Spring 2020 Mixtape below and enjoy!

Lane 8 – Spring 2020 Mixtape