Lane 8 Shares Stunningly Smooth Single “Stir Me Up” From Forthcoming Album


Now only just a week away, we are inching closer and closer to the highly anticipated drop of Lane 8’s sophomore album, Little By Little. The San Francisco native has kept his fans well satiated over the past month with a spree of album singles including "Coming Back To You", "Atlas" and more building up hype for what's shaping up to be an incredible deep house album.

Today, Lane 8 has decided to release the fourth single and likely final single from Little By Little, which is set to release on his own imprint, This Never Happened. The new single, titled “Stir Me Up” embodies everything we love about Lane 8. Within the first twenty seconds of the track, we’re hit with his stunning, swelling synth chords that instantly pluck at our heartstrings. Soon after, silky smooth vocals (by an uncredited female artist) are brought in to perfectly match the melody. The track then eventually becomes complete around the halfway mark, when Lane 8’s unforgettable kicks drop.

Lane 8 has found an incredible way to merge deep and progressive house together to create something truly beautiful and accessible to anyone. Be on the lookout on January 19th for when his new album finally comes out. Enjoy!

Lane 8 – Stir Me Up