Lasting Moment Breaks the Mold with Eerie Indie Debut “Eyes On Walls”


In a world brimming with more music than ever before, standing out has become increasingly important. If you stand out with a new sound, TSIS takes notice, and that’s why we’re excited to share New York outfit, Lasting Moment, and their debut single, “Eyes on Walls.”

An amalgam of synthetic, acoustic, and orchestral sounds cast a haunting air for the smoked-out vocal of Natalie Post. The verses soon step to the back as Andrew Bieler, Robbie Liebold, Cody Hosza, Zach Vanderberg, and Russ Fro concoct a sonically diverse breakdown of rich horns and driven rhythm section. Shadowed, reclusive energy casts an alluring curiosity into any curious ears that stop and listen.

This inaugural release is the first taste of the group’s full-length album due out in 2022. Our curiosity has been piqued and we’re excited to see what else Lasting Moment has in store. Stream their debut single, “Eyes On Walls,” below. Enjoy!

Lasting Moment – Eyes On Walls