Latvian Artist EZIA Bares Her Soul on R&B Track “Yesterday Go Away Pt. 2”


Up-and-coming neo-soul artist EZIA is currently based in Latvia, but she spent the last four years studying in New York. During her time in the city, she steeped herself in jazz and R&B, greatly influencing her sound. EZIA combines this musical immersion with her Latvian heritage on her track “Yesterday Go Away Part 2.”

EZIA’s vocal performance is definitely the star of this song. Simple jazz guitar and piano riffs form the backdrop of the track, allowing her warm voice to shine. Deceptively soft but capable of impressive runs, she floats her way down the verse. Meanwhile, soulful harmonies flank her lyrics about reminiscing on long-lost love.

“Go Away Part 2” is a song off her newly released album Cycles. In her own words, EZIA says the message of the album is “to cultivate love and respect towards oneself, which then greatly influences our attitude towards the world around us.”

You can check out “Go Away Part 2” using the link below. Enjoy!

EZIA – Yesterday Go Away Pt. 2