Left/Right Lights Up The Room With New Album ‘Big Rave Energy’


The sonic landscape of dance music is ever-changing. Trends come and go, new sounds emerge, and past themes receive reimagined life. If there’s one thing we appreciate at TSIS it’s an artist who is unafraid to venture across this sonic landscape, and that artist is Left/Right.

The Texas-born, LA-based producer makes his TSIS debut with the release of his stellar new album, Big Rave Energy. The project explores the invigorating sounds of electro, breaks, and drum & bass, but this is no normal collection of tracks. This is an exploration in the subtleties of the once left-field sounds that now slowly find their way closer to the limelight. Armed with a handful of equally talented feature artists, Left/Right expertly delivers a final product that will satiate new and old fans alike.

Big Rave Energy arrives via Left/Right’s CONDUIT records. Stream the explosive album below and enjoy!

Left/Right – Big Rave Energy