Rising Artist Lexi Sorrentino Finds a Pristine Electro Pop Balance with “Closer”


One of the silver linings of the COVID quarantine was all the new music that came as a result of having nothing else to do. “Closer,” the new single from rising artist Lexi Sorrentino, is one example of this.

The LA-based singer/songwriter and producer “had all the time in the world to create,” resulting in “Closer.” The track was inspired by the chaos of the outside world in 2020, of somehow persevering despite it. This duality manifests in pretty, airy vocals in the verses, in contrast to the harder-hitting chorus. Light synth strokes and faint twinkles form the backdrop to Sorrentino’s melodic voice, as she talks about finding unexpected love. The bass line that kicks in on the chorus transforms the song, adding a mellow but warm electro-pop feel.

This single is the first of several Sorrentino has on the way, after which she’s promised us an album. You can check out “Closer” using the link below. Enjoy!

Lexi Sorrentino – Closer