PREMIERE | Newcomer Vocalist LeyeT Makes TSIS Debut On Catchy Indie Electronic Single “Drip Drop”

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Today we are excited to introduce you to rising artist LeyeT with a premiere of her new single "Drip Drop." The LA-based musician has been making waves with her unique brand of upbeat, indie electronic music and her talents as a skilled singer-songwriter continue to shine in today's release.

"This song came about during a time of personal heartbreak…during what truly felt like the most painful thing I had yet to feel. In my mind, I pictured the weight of that feeling to be somewhat like being pummeled by waves and the journey of healing to be a slow, continual process that is a relentless cycle of drip/flood/drip until one day it all finally stops and you can see over the waves." -LeyeT

"Drip Drop" sees LeyeT fully channeling her emotions into a cathartically crafted product. Her voice soars overhead swelling pads and bright guitar plucks. The euphoric atmosphere continues for a stripped-down chorus before culminating into an ambient breakdown and cinematic outro that ties everything together effortlessly. "Drip Drop" makes for a great introduction to LeyeT in 2018, with new music and a live debut set soon to follow. Check out "Drip Drop" below and enjoy! 

LeyeT – Drip Drop