Lido Returns With Must Hear New Original Track “3 Million” With Trippy Music Video


Lido is back! The TSIS favorite has been working with plenty of incredible artists since the release of his debut album Everything a couple years ago, but hasn’t put out solo original music of his own. After teasing new releases lately, he’s returned with a new song and video “3 Million.” 

“:3 million: years is a long time. I’d say it’s capable of holding at least a few eternities. Plenty more than any :always: I’ll experience, far beyond what I’m (designed) to grasp. If you don’t Mind I’ll slow this moment down as much as I can !!because¡¡ the only thing elastic enough to stre-tch over that much time is: a question.” – Lido

We recently heard Lido re-work Kanye and Kid Cudi’s Kids See Ghost album into a seven-minute flip and have been hungry for more. Lido has grown as an artist over the years building on both his vocals and production, and he shows this off here. The song brings a light, skittering trap-inspired percussion while relaxed instrumentation and chill production lay the foundation for his vocals to shine. The song is accompanied by a trippy video that Lido stars in himself. Stay tuned for more from the Norwegian talent and enjoy!

Lido – 3 Million