Lido Pours His Heart Out On Bright, Beautiful New ‘I O U 2’ EP


Lido seems to always have something incredible up his sleeve. Having just come off his recent I O U 1 EP, today the Norwegian phenom has already completed the series with I O U 2.

This latest offering shares a side of Lido we’ve never seen before. While we had thought the multi-talented artist laid it all on the line in his 2016 album Everything, it seems that something was missing – and that something was Nothing.

And we mean this quite literally, as with Lido’s recently completed visual album viewings, we learned not only the meaning behind I O U (“Inspiration Over Utility”) and that Lido is already working on his next album; but that while I O U came in the form of two EP’s, the project was originally slated to be released as Nothing, the follow up to Everything. But while Lido has been vocal that Everything was “not about her, this [album] is because of her” (“her” being his ex-girlfriend Halsey) it seems that I O U 2 is more reflective not of Lido’s heartbreak, but a much more external view of the situations that arose and his relationships with the people around him after the extent his emotional turmoil.

Weighing in at 5-tracks, I O U 2 continues upon the lush, distinctive sound carved out in its predecessor. From the angry, fast-paced release on “Ex” to the soft, melancholic fatigue on “Vultures”, Lido continues to pour his heart out over vibrant synths, skittering, non-traditional percussion and powerful choral harmonies. Stream I O U 2 below and enjoy!

Lido – I O U 2