Lido Releases 15 Songs As Free Download & Uploads Jaden Smith Remix


Lido had quite an impressive breakout 2014 and welcomes in 2015 with a gift that will please everyone. He has pooled together 15 of his biggest tracks, most of them paid releases, and given them all out for free in a convenient zip folder. This features the illusive remix of "Latch" we premiered last year alongside others like Flight Facilities "Two Bodies", Alt-J "Left Hand Free", The Weeknd's "Often" and many more.

To make things more unique, Lido has made the release available by completing a musical puzzle by entering piano notes. This is a trick he has done before and helps make everything about him a little more unique. Unlock the puzzle and the 15 track folder of songs will download immediately. Enter the puzzle and download the 15 songs here.

He has also shared a brand new mellowed out remix of Jaden Smith's "Fast", fittingly naming it "Slow".

Slow (Lido x Halsey)