Lil Dicky Perfectly Blends Impressive Bars + Hilarious Jokes In New Freestyle With Sway

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Lil Dicky returns to one of the biggest spotlights when it comes to freestyle hip-hop. That spotlight is the hot seat on Sway In The Morning’s radio show, where Sway puts his guest on the spot to perform any type of freestyle they can over a beat of his choice. There’s no doubt that Lil Dicky knew what he was getting himself into, because he hops into his flow flawlessly, and right from the start he goes off.

The beloved and hilarious rapper absolutely crushes this beat for five minutes straight, and the way he switching flows and hops back and forth between bars and jokes is just effortless. Lil Dicky may love to joke around and not take anything too seriously, but there’s no way that anyone can deny that he’s got talent after watching this. 

Lil Dicky is no stranger to freestyles. While you’re at it, check out his legendary appearance on Tim Westwood’s channel below as well.

Watch his most recent appearance on Sway In The Morning below and enjoy!