[PREMIERE] Canine Producer Lil Hank Saves The Day With Debut EP ‘EDM’s Last Hope’ For Charity + Interview

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December 1, 2017 will forever be remembered as the day that Lil Hank saved EDM. The two-year-old pupper-turned-producer has been releasing SoundCloud hits since he was born, racking up millions of plays with crisp productions like “Dreaming About Cheese” or “Pupperino” and earning the support of the biggest acts in electronic music including Mija, ODESZA, and even Cashmere Cat. Earlier this year, Hank set another milestone by partnering with OWSLA artist Josh Pan to release a production sample pack – marking the first ever multi-species release. Now he’s delivered his biggest release to date.

Lil Hank’s debut EP EDM’s Last Hope isn’t just a groundbreaking production achievement from the world’s fastest-rising canine artist, it’s also an epic story akin to Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings. Each tune sheds more light on Hank’s personal journey up the electronic music ranks – from the beautifully optimistic “A Young Puppo Is Born” to the action-packed title track bursting with heavily distorted dubstep synths. Hank even lends his own vocal talents to the project, giving the EP a unique edge over human-produced electronica.

Supporting this EP will do more than just save electronic music as we know it: 50% of all proceeds will be given to animal shelters in areas affected by this year’s major hurricanes. Buy a copy at http://itslilhank.dog and play it for your own doggo to let him or her know you’re making a difference in human-canine relations.

We were lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with the world’s top doggy DJ and get his thoughts on the EP. Enjoy and check out the interview below:

Lil Hank – EDM’s Last Hope

If you could choose one artist to collaborate with who would it be? If you could choose one pet to collaborate with who would it be?  

I would love to collaborate with – Miley Cyrus. She has a love for puppers and I really think we could maker #Bangerz together. If I could collab with a pet, I would choose Grumpy cat. I think I can teach her to be less grumpy, and happiness makes the world go round!

What advantage do you have being a dog in the music industry? 

Being a doggo and working in the music industry means I can take a nap whenever I want. Also, when I go into the stu, everyone thinks I’m really cute and gives me cheese.

What message do you want to send to any other pets watching?

I want to inspire all pets that they can accomplish anything they put their paw to.

What is the goal of this EP?

Half of the proceeds from “EDM’s Last Hope” will be donated to animal shelters. This year, shelters in Southeast Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands took in hundreds of doggos after the hurricane. I want to support them and give back to those communities.