Lil Nas X Follows Up “Old Town Road” With Eclectic ‘7’ EP

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Lil Nas X has had one of the most explosive starts to a music career we may have ever seen. It’s all attributed to his massive viral hit, “Old Town Road,” but today that changes with the release of his debut project, 7.

As the name implies, there are seven tracks on the EP (eight if you count the remix for “Old Town Road”). We weren’t entirely sure what route Lil Nas X was going to take to follow up such a momentous first track, and the young, charismatic artist decided to branch out in several different directions. On 7, there’s alternative rock, pop, and of course, country-laced rap bangers, including a track with Cardi B.

It’s always intriguing to see how artist’s careers play out after having such intense success. Lil Nas X has given himself more room to maneuver as a musician with this release, and we’re certainly rooting for him. What will he do next?

Lil Nas X – 7 EP