LimeWire is Back… As An NFT Marketplace

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One of the most iconic brands of the 2000s is making a resurgence, although this time it’s making a huge pivot. LimeWire, the storied peer-to-peer file sharing service that many of us 90s kids used in our early adolescence for illegal music downloads (among other things), is back. In the 2020s, however, LimeWire will function as an NFT marketplace, where users can freely trade digital collectibles.

This is the plan of two entrepreneur brothers from Austria, Julian and Paul Zehetmayr, who purchased the rights to the extinct platform. There will be no affiliation with the original LimeWire team from 20 years ago.

According to a press release, LimeWire will aim to reduce the barriers to entry for folks wanting to get into NFTs. Instead of relying on crypto to make purchases, users will be able to use their credit cards and bank accounts due to a partnership with Wyre.

LimeWire will also be looking to partner directly with artists to create NFTs linked tethered to exclusive tracks, merch, artwork, and more. According to Julian Zehetmayr, team members of major artists have already signed on, including folks who work with H.E.R. and the Wu-Tang Clan.

If you want to follow them directly, LimeWire is now on social media, too. Their one post is a video hyping up their return. You can check it out below, and also visit their new website, here.

H/T Bloomberg