Limp Bizkit Embrace Meme Status, Drop First Song in 7 Years with “Dad Vibes”


Limp Bizkit have fully embraced their meme status, and we’re absolutely here for it. The iconic nu-metal outfit has just delivered their first new track in seven years, a tongue-in-cheek banger titled “Dad Vibes.”

Limp Bizkit is the latest band to make a staggering comeback. They won over the crowd at Lollapalooza when frontman Fred Durst strolled out on stage in a brilliantly curated dadcore outfit (while guitarist Wes Borland touted his signature metal look), and completely crushed their performance. During the show, they played out a recording of “Dad Vibes.” While that recording made the rounds on YouTube for a while, today the track is officially released.

“Dad Vibes” comes as the lead single for Limp Bizkit’s first album in 10 years. They announced last month that songs from the new album would be coming “in rapid succession, very soon.” Since 2011, the band’s next album title has been known as Stampede Of The Disco Elephants, but as of now, it’s not confirmed that will indeed be the name of the project.

We’re giving major props to Limp Bizkit for realizing their role in today’s internet culture and not only grasping it but running with it. We officially can’t wait to see where this takes them.

This wasn’t ever something I anticipated writing for TSIS, but you can stream the new Limp Bizkit joint below. Enjoy!

Limp Bizkit – Dad Vibes