L’Impératice’s “Peur des Filles” Gets A Perfect French Disco Remix From Montmartre

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Parisian new-school disco six piece, L’Impératice, has been taking the world by storm with their infectious blend of french disco and pop. Building off of their iconic 2019 debut LP Matahari, the group has been continually pumping out the freshest retro-inspired grooves while also maintaining a humorous and playful attitude. Their newest single “Peur des Filles,” French for Afraid of Girls, plays right into that sense of humor with a sarcastically scathing ode to femininity all squeezed into one groove-filled disco bop.

The band recently released a remix by fellow Parisian duo Montmartre that makes us want to dance even more than we thought we could. Montmartre has a knack for taking some of the most already incredibly addictive dancefloor jams and adding just enough flair into them. Their remix of “Peur des Filles” does exactly that by speeding up the tempo a bit to lend a little bit more energy. HThey manages not to add too much to the already impressive track but still imparts their club-derived french disco touch.

Keep an eye out for L’Impératice’s much-awaited second album, Tako Tsubo, out worldwide on March 26. In the meantime, stream Montmartre’s remix below and enjoy!

L’Impératrice – Peur des Filles (Montmartre Remix)