L’Impératrice Joins Forces with Cuco on Sparkly New Single “Heartquake”

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There is a reason why French sextet, L’Impératrice, have been featured on the site for over two years now. Their magical productions and exquisite melodies have continued to win audiences (and us) over, and they are only continuing to get better. L’Impératrice’s newest track, “Heartquake,” in collaboration with Mexican artist, Cuco, is out now.

A mesmerizing bass line begins the track, with layers of vocals tastefully performed overtop. The transition between electronic production and live instrumentation from section to section keeps “Heartquake” constantly engaging to the listener. However, if top-notch production isn’t the main quality you look for in a good song, L’Impératrice and Cuco have you covered on the vocal hook side as well.

You can stream “Heartquake” at the link below, out everywhere via microqlima records. Enjoy!

L’Impératrice – Heartquake (ft. Cuco)