Lipphead Releases Highly Anticipated Sophomore LP ‘From The Back’

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Officially debuting as Lipphead in 2019, electronic producer, Elliot Lipp, and hip-hop rooted Blockhead created something truly special with the foundation of their join project. Both highly respected producers in their own right, the Lipphead venture allowed the duo to expand their sounds and let their creativity run free. Their highly anticipated sophomore album, From The Back, is officially here.

There are absolutely no rules when it comes to what style the duo chooses to produce on this extremely diverse LP. If it flows, it flows. And boy, do Lipp and Blockhead have a variety of influences to pull from. Starting on a jazz-infused note with “Midnight Brain To Georgia,” pit-stopping at downtempo, “Throat C.O.A.T.,” and ending on funk-forward “Sex In The 80’s,” there is something for everybody on Lipphead’s dynamic sophomore album.

Lipp gave some insight into the project, commenting:

Lipphead really starts to perfect their stylistic fusion on this record. Plenty of oddball beats and goofy samples, but this time there’s an upbeat funk vibe throughout. ‘From The Back is basically a window to what goes on in Lipphead’s wild-ass brain.

You can stream From The Back at the link below, out everywhere via Young Heavy Souls. Enjoy!

Lipphead, Elliot Lipp, Blockhead – From The Back

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