Liquid Stranger Continues Momentous Year with New ‘Dimensions’ EP

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Liquid Stranger is having himself a year. He led us on a wicked journey in the lead-up to his impressive new album, Balance, and now he’s back. He recently dropped off four fresh tracks on his brand new Dimensions EP.

While Stranger’s top-of-the-line production always keeps us guessing, there’s always one guarantee—the final product will leave your senses tingling and begging for more. His newest project dives into the outer realms of electromagnetic space and time. Mechanized sound panels create a concise but powerful journey that spans a spectrum from the ethereal to the explosive (but always epic).

What can’t Liquid Stranger do? Good luck coming up with an answer to that one. But while you’re thinking, take his new EP, Dimensions, for a spin below. Enjoy!

Liquid Stranger – Dimensions EP