Listen To Jamie xx’s First New Original Release In 5 Years, “Idontknow”


Jamie xx is officially back, folks!!

It’s been three years since we’ve had any official release from Jamie xx, and five years since his last album, In Colour. Today, that hiatus comes to an end with the drop of his highly anticipated track, “Idontknow.”

If we know anything about Jamie xx, it’s that his production is always next level, and this new song is a perfect example of that. “Idontknow” introduces itself with a seemingly innocent drum pattern, but a little over 60 seconds in, the track takes a sharp left turn and begins to speed up to drum & bass levels of tempo. An eastern vocal then enters, ascending the track to new heights. This is when you know you’re in for it. The track doesn’t reach it’s moment until around half way through, but the wait isĀ worth it.

Stream this epic new single from Jamie xx below and enjoy!

Jamie xx – Idontknow