Listen To KAYTRANADA’s Heavy New Remix For Busta Rhymes


With KAYTRANADA, the music is always flowing—especially as of recently. The beat-making don has just unveiled another new remix, this time for Busta Rhymes. His track “The Don & The Boss,” which features Vybe Kartel, originally came off his 2020 album Extinction Event Level 2: The Wrath of God. Today, it gets a makeover by one of the best in the game, and KAYTRANADA experiments with some new flair.

There’s some funky business going on with the 808s on this new remix that almost give it a drill feel. All the while the smooth and dreamy of KAYTRANADA’s familiar sound coasts in the background.

You can check out the new remix from KAYTRANADA below. Enjoy!

Busta Rhymes – The Don & The Boss (KAYTRANADA Remix)