Listen to NERO’s First Remix in 2 Years, a Trap Remix of “No Rival!”

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Dubstep favorite NERO has been on a long break, with seemingly no end in sight. Until now, that is, with a new release via Anjunadeep.

Earlier this week, the legendary group dropped a remix of “No Rival!“, a collaboration by Lakou Muzik and Joseph Ray. Ray is actually one of the members of NERO, and this remix sees him reunite with fellow NERO member Daniel Stephens to reimagine his original version.

Lakou Muzik is a Haitian group comprised of all ages, dedicating to showing off Haitian culture through music. NERO preserves their powerful chants, strong horns, and tribal percussion on their remix, but adds an intense bass not present in the original. The lyrics translate to “Listen up! There’s no better band than Lakou Muzik!” The energy of the remix perfectly reflects this, guaranteed to hype up the listener.

We’ve been missing the type of exhilaration NERO brings to the bass game, so it’s good to have them back. We don’t know when their next release is, but the full collaboration album between Ray and Lakou Muzik may tide us over for now.

You can check out the remix below. Enjoy!

Lakou Muzik & Joseph Ray – No Rival! (NERO Remix)