Listen To Skrillex Produced Justin Bieber Single “What Do You Mean” + Video


Earlier this year the music world was flipped upside down when Skrillex and Diplo brought out Justin Bieber on their single "Where Are Ü Now". This helped Bieber crossed over into the EDM world with a healthy amount of backlash in the process. The song has gone on to be a radio hit and has spurred an endless amount of remixes.

Well today we hear the latest from Skrillex teaming up with Justin Bieber for a followup collaboration along with Bieber's regular studio mate Poo Bear. This time it's with "What Do You Mean", Justin Bieber's first solo song in nearly 2 years. The song carries over some distinct style from the previous "Where Are Ü Now" with similar flute sounds and upbeat happy style. 

What do you think? Has Skrillex made this Justin Bieber's most universal sounding song to date? Will this lead to just as much backlash?

Check out the full steam of the video staring pro skater Ryan Sheckler. 

Skrillex X Justin Bieber – What Do you Mean? | itunes