Listen To Tame Impala’s Fourth Studio Album ‘The Slow Rush’

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The moment is here. One of the most highly anticipated albums of the year is finally out. Tame Impala has just released their fourth studio album, The Slow Rush, featuring 12 tracks recorded in LA and Kevin Parker‘s hometown of Fremantle, Australia. The years of practice and fine tuning of his craft are fully present, taking advantage of spaced out psychedelic vocals, heavy synths and basses, and rocking distorted drums. The album shines while conveying an excellent reflection of world culture and the human experience. Kevin Parker caught the wave at its peak and is riding it straight to the top.

The Slow Rush features a multitude of soundscapes, expanding the musical scope that singles developed leading up to the release. There are slow intimate moments, rocking, driving even almost heavy passages, and absolutely captivating sonics including those from the world of hip hop and acid. Two focuses of the album are its percussive grooves and the ever romantic theme of “time”.

“Outside of drums and percussion and stuff, the rhythm of the vocals, the rhythm of the baseline. All the rhythms going together is, to me… To me that’s like the cornerstone of Tame Impala music and has always been without me realizing it.”
        – Kevin Parker, Interview with Zane Lowe
Parker has noted over social media in the past stating that he has spent a lot of time getting the percussion to sit right before signing off on the mix. However, the concept of his voice being as rhythmic as the percussion is clearly evident in tracks such as “Lost In Yesterday” and “Borderline”. The swing never stops, regardless of whatever instrument it’s transferred to. There’s always this sense of fixation. Not only in the sonic scape, but also in the meaning behind his lyrical passages.
“I like that it has that arc. A start and a finish. It’s like how we as humans are affected by time”
       – Kevin Parker, Interview with Zane Lowe

Time. Something everyone has to come to terms with and experience intently. That it is always, and always will be, passing them. The lyrics discuss life, in the moment, in reflection and after death. It’s very reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s “Time” and is a truly powerful concept to ponder about.

The Slow Rush is 57 minutes of joy, love, reflection, perception and immersion of the human experience, of the mind of Kevin Parker. These 12 tracks will go down for generations and in due time will surely be regarded as a classic.

You can listen to The Slow Rush now, below. Enjoy!

Tame Impala – The Slow Rush