Little Simz Drops Prolific New Album ‘NO THANK YOU’


It’s not often that we find albums with no featured artists- just one person alone with their thoughts, free to give their honest and vulnerable opinions without interruptions. If there were one person who we knew could absolutely shine in this format, it’s Little Simz. Almost nine years into her career, the prolific artist has given us so much to love. Her latest LP, NO THANK YOU, marks the seventh album in her impressive catalog.

Equally soulful as it is honest, emotional, and intimate, NO THANK YOU easily contains some of the most prolific work we have ever heard from Little Simz. Calling everything into question from love to politics, Little Simz gives her listener an abundance of questions to ask themselves. The album’s balance between genres and universally felt messages makes NO THANK YOU accessible to all audiences. Whether you are a hip-hop enthusiast or a soul die-hard, Little Simz has you covered.

On the album, Little Simz commented:

Had to channel it somehow, this the only way I know. The love ALREADY is phenomenal thank you so much. Enjoy the music, blessings <3

You can stream NO THANK YOU at the link below, out everywhere via Forever Living Originals. Enjoy!

Little Simz – NO THANK YOU