PREMIERE | Local Dialect Shines With New House Gem “Indigo”

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House producers Local Dialect are back and releasing another delicious dance tune in the form of hypnotic number “Indigo”. The NYC-based house & techno twosome started out as college DJs and now they are making waves in the progressive scene with this new track from Gorgon City’s record label, REALM.

It’s a nearly 7-minute single that takes you on an enchanting sonic journey. Bouncing chords and perfectly placed synth serve as the backbone of the song, while the beat rises and falls. The second breakdown packs a surprisingly powerful punch, and the silky background vocals soar effortlessly over the melody to weave everything together.

Here is what they had to say about crafting the song:

Indigo is a track that’s very close to our hearts that came about from a casual jam with some vocal samples. We knew there was something special there but it took a few tries until we landed on the lead motif, which really ties everything together in a nice way. 

The track comes out on December 11, but you can get an exclusive early listen here. Enjoy!

Local Dialect – Indigo