Logic1000 Steps Into Her Power With Debut Album ‘Mother’

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It’s been a treat to follow the second coming of Berlin-based producer, Logic1000. Having taken a brief hiatus to step into the role of parenthood, Samantha Poulter, has now returned in full force with new insights, new energy, and new passion on her debut album, Mother.

“The release of my album Mother marks everything I have been working on, both materially and spiritually. It is representative of a time when I broke into a million little pieces and built myself up again, piece by piece. I look back on this period, when Tom and I were writing the album, as the period of my life where the most personal growth had happened. Motherhood stretched me, tied me in a knot, and then untangled me again to reveal a whole new person. I didn’t know this was happening at the time, but in retrospect the change and transformation is super clear. I nearly gave up on my dreams, I basically fell into a heap — over and over again. But for the past while, I’ve been undergoing some pretty serious therapy, and have found my passion and love for music and life again. I love my job, being a mother, my relationship with Tom, the people I surround myself with, my home, and the life I have created for myself. I guess you could say this is our second baby!” – Logic1000

This twelve-track feature explores a wide swath of sounds from the euphoric atmosphere of the breakbeat “From Within” to the the wonderfully rhythmic minimalism of “Heartbeat.” These tracks and others take listeners on a swirling kaleidoscopic journey to the dance floor and we have no intention of looking back.

It is beautiful seeing a TSIS fave lean into the lessons and energy of a new life phase and internalize them into their art form. We couldn’t be happier for you Logic1000. Stream her debut album, Mother, below and enjoy!

Logic1000 – Mother

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