Lørean & Numback Join Forces On Sonic Escapade “Dreams”

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Today, we see the union of Russian producers, Lørean and Numback, joining forces for what they describe as “a tribute to working together to make your dreams come true.” Both immensely talented in their own right, these rising producers combine their love for deep and tech house, into one glorious labor of love. The result is their brand new track, “Dreams.”

This sonic escapade takes us on a journey though filtered chords, heavy drops, and vulnerable vocal performances. A stunning first showing of Lørean and Numback’s collaborative efforts, “Dreams” showcases the duo’s true range as producers, and undeniable power as a team. While dark chord voicings dominate the production, there remains an uplifting vibe that permeates the track, allowing it to build to a massive payoff at the last drop. 

Numback commented on the weight of this release, saying:

I’ve been producing music for over 15 years and have around 100 songs on all major streaming platforms. I’ve released music on such great labels like Fat Records, Tribal Trap, and others. I’ve performed at numerous gigs with great artists from around the world. However, my biggest release yet is with Lørean on bitbird. Thanks to San Holo and bitbird for making this dream come true.

You can stream “Dreams” at the link below, out everywhere via bitbird. Enjoy!

Lørean & Numback – Dreams