Lost Century Explores Euphoric Lo-Fi Vibes with New Track “The Garden”


We absolutely love it when we get the chance to talk about a new artist on the site. Today, making his TSIS debut is a lo-fi producer with music fit for movie soundtracks, chill night drives, or even just lounging around. Lost Century presents “The Garden.”

“The Garden” embodies an extremely versatile sound that is sure to fit whatever mood you might be in. It’s tremolo-filled guitar licks and ambient chords envelop the listener, bringing them into the brain and mind of Lost Century. Beds of vocals fill the track with enthralling “oohs” and “ahs” to add an extra element of depth to the production.

Cleary an extremely talented instrumentalist, possessing the only writing credits on the track, Lost Century packs “The Garden” with eloquent guitar leads and ethnic piano chord voicings.

You can check out “The Garden” at the link below. Enjoy!

Lost Century – The Garden