Indie-Electronic Band Lotus Pays Homage To Their Collective Influences On New Album ‘Free Swim’

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Instrumental jamband Lotus has come quite a ways in their near two-decades of existence. Having amassed a very lengthy list of impressive releases over the years, the five-piece has now unveiled their anticipated new studio album Free Swim.

Lotus has had a long time to perfect their unique indie-electronic sound – and it shows with this fresh new album. As each of the five members of the quintet are fantastic players on their own, this masterful mash of bass, modular synth, keyboard, guitar and non-traditional percussion not only puts their prowess on display, but gives some insight into their individual and collective influences new and old.

Perfect for a evening drive, chill day at home, stroll through the park or whatever the situation, stream Lotus’ new album Free Swim below and enjoy!

Lotus – Free Swim