Louis Futon Flips Chance The Rapper’s Blessings In New Beat Challenge Video


There’s no stopping Louis Futon with these flip videos. He’s been doing these beat challenges where fans recommend songs for him to flip into a new remix, and this time around he’s taken on Chance The Rapper’s “Blessings.

We’ve heard him flip Biggie, Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar, and now he’s back for more. He really works his magic on each of these and this one is no different. He samples the soulful vocals from the original slicing it up to make it his own before adding drums, piano + organ, live percussion, trumpet and guitar. Like his other beat challenges, he’s also provided a full video showing how he made the track. He's also now shared the track on Soundcloud with a free download as well. See below and enjoy! 

Chance The Rapper – Blessings (Louis Futon Beat Flip) | Free Download