Louis Futon Keeps It Classy with New Groove, “Ron Burgundy,” Announces New Album ‘Couchsurfing’

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Great Odin’s Raven, Louis Futon has done it again. The TSIS fav always seems to know what we want to hear, sometimes even before we do. This time the LA producer is channeling San Diego’s cinematic cultural hero, the one and only “Ron Burgundy,” on a golden groove named after the mustachioed man himself.

It’s damn near impossible to feel anything but your best while listening to this new single. The percussion is on lock, the strings are carefree, and the pièce de résistance is the infectiously fun horn lines lead by the high-spirited flute. Now boarding your one way flight to cloud 9, and let me tell ya, this is one flight you don’t want to miss.

This bubbly new single starts the roll out of Louis’ sophomore album, Couchsurfing. Talk about starting off strong, he couldn’t have picked a better track to introduce us to a new project. While we’ll be excitedly watching for further singles, we aren’t in any hurry to get past this intoxicating new cut. Stream Louis Futon’s new single, “Ron Burgundy,” and stay classy San Diego. Enjoy!

Louis Futon – Ron Burgundy